aguieus tactical training


Our Team can provide all levels of equipment and armament support, from the soldiers' uniforms and weapons systems to advanced counter-insurgency (COIN) aircraft including U.S. and Eastern Block; providing turn key solutions for governments with various needs and budgets.

Since our advisors and instructors have been provided the highest, most comprehensive military training available we have the capability to train and supervise the "bottom-up" outfitting of entire COIN battalions to such a level of readiness that, upon graduation, will allow the unit to go directly into combat operations against the toughest opponents.

To accomplish this objective Senior Advisors will be responsible for designing the list of combat equipment required by doctrine to equip and sustain modern COIN operations. Although the host nation forces can be equipped with high-tech Command and Control systems, UAV's and helicopters, Aguieus will teach the soldiers to fight with limited resources, better equipping them to deal with all situations. At the end of the day the COIN units within the battalion will rely on the most useful weapon in the counter-insurgency inventory; an intricate knowledge of insurgency itself.

Aguieus is the true one-stop-shop for Economies of Scale