aguieus tactical training


Our advisory staff collects, analyzes, and interprets information that is mission-critical to national political and military leaders and government agencies worldwide.

Our Government & Public Policy Practice provides the local host government with consulting services on issues ranging from terrorism, counterinsurgency, guerrillas and geopolitical stability to security best practices, human rights and defense / homeland security trends. Government clients gain essential support of their strategic objectives concerning Open Source Intelligence, Special Studies, Procurement Support, and Workshops/Gaming.

Our approach is focused to support the senior decision-making level to enable both of our clients (senior military officials and key policy makers) to understand their critical risks, identify priorities, and make informed choices about where to invest limited defense funding and resources to manage and reduce those risks. Aguieus extensive prior operational experience training military forces in unstable and volatile parts of the world provides us with a unique capability to support our clients at a strategic level in these environments.

A world of experts on your side

Partnering with Aguieus provides access to the company's Expert Network of Instructors (ENI), a global network of hundreds of seasoned military instructors and officers from the United States and British Special Forces. Our senior, and highly decorated, advisors offer extensive prior operational experience in military training, doctrinal modernization, national security and defense industry integration and development.