aguieus tactical training


Aerial Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR)
Twenty-first century warfare demands twenty-first century tactics. New threats such as terrorism, counterinsurgency, and irregular warfare call for updated intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) systems and techniques. An important component of this strategy is outfitting versatile and affordable turboprop aircraft for tactical intelligence collection. These aircraft, armed with sensor packages and advanced communications suites, augment information gathered by other intelligence-collection capabilities and give field commanders the timely information they need to make critical decisions. Aguieus provides a turn-key solution including aircraft, maintainance personnel, instructor/operator pilots, and data analyst instructors.
Weapon Systems and Defense Equipment Aquisition
Our Team can provide all levels of equipment and armament support, from the soldiers' uniforms and weapons systems to advanced counter-insurgency (COIN) aircraft including U.S. and Eastern Block; providing turn key solutions for governments with various needs and budgets.
Security Strategy and Services
This includes support in defining a stability and security strategy based on specific short and long term risks, to more detailed technical consulting on threat and risk to facilities (ranging from a building, to industrial parks, to a city or an entire country), to managing implementation of security solutions, integrating government agencies and joint intelligence commands.
Crisis Response
Aguieus provides advisory and training services to help our clients (military and police forces) to develop effective strategies for crisis management. The need for our services could arise from a wide variety of sources which ranges; from organizational preparedness to prevention, response and recovery planning, including detailed plans for a number of potential crises, such as terrorist incidents, kidnapping, and health pandemics, among others. We can deploy a team to assist with an actual crisis with limited notice anywhere in the world.