aguieus tactical training

Aguieus delivers tailor made Training programs to Governments of friendly status with the United States of America. These programs focus on operational procedures and in the generation of SOPs on the conclusion of a training program. Our programs are designed not just by former operatives but by individuals who have spent their careers actually running Intelligence Divisions, former Directors and Heads of Departments.

Aguieus specializes in delivering Joint Operations and Fusion Centre Proven Best Practice SOPs and our aim is to ensure that your multi-unit agency or multi-unit operation works effectively and efficiently.

One of the key benefits of Aguieus, is the fact that we have the experience and operational knowledge of several different services and are thus able to distill best practice in a unique hybrid methodology. We can therefore deliver a program that includes elements of several different services.

Fully Bi-Lingual Instructors or Subject Matter Expert Translators are used to ensure the quality of training and retention of information by students.

All material is considered restricted and training templates are designed specifically for the client agency and remain with the client agency. Our training contracts include a use of information declaration. Our approach is extremely clear cut. We deliver techniques. We train SOPS for good practice and we deliver functional operational templates and individuals on completion of our programs. Every country and agency is individual in its culture and style of operation and we emphasise training in your environment on your existing equipment. We also design systems that work in your cultural environment and tailor make block programs to suit management and operational style and tempo.

Aguieus delivers Intelligence training ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY to National Intelligence Agencies, Government agencies, Police Forces and Military Units. There are no circumstances where non- accredited or non attached civilians are considered for training. Course content is determined in advance with client agency liaison and we remain in contact with and on call for the agency in the event assistance is needed in an emergency or large scale event.